Magtein Science

Rooted in science, Magtein, stands out as a distinctive form of magnesium with unique properties. With an increasing number of published studies exploring its effects, Magtein has become a focal point in nutritional neuroscience. Backed by the rigors of prestigious scientific investigations from Nobel Laurates and world renowned neuroscientists, Magtein is the favored ingredient for cognitive well-being. From its specialized absorption in the brain to its implications for memory and learning, Magtein offers a solution for supplement and wellness product manufacturers.

Magtein Bioavailability and Absorption

Magtein is the only magnesium form to effectively increate the brain's magnesium levels.

Common magnesium forms including Magtein were tested to determine how effectively they cross the blood brain barrier. After 24 days of supplementation, Magtein was the only compound tested that significantly raised the concentration of magnesium in the brain.

Additionally, Magtein was shown to be able to penetrate neuron cells better than other forms of magnesium, leading to an improvement in neural connections, also called synapse density.

Magtein - Chart showing different Magnesium forms in the brain.

Magtein improved the overall cognitive ability by 20-fold compared to placebo.

Chart showing Magtein effect on four types of cognitive function.

Magtein was tested in a published human clinical trial for its effect on four types of cognitive function: executive function, working memory, episodic memory and attention.

Each area of the four types of cognitive function tested noted improvement. The overall score of cognitive ability had significant improvement over placebo at 6 and 12 weeks.

Change in composite score of cognitive function with Magtein supplementation.

Magtein reduced stress by 167%

Magtein® improves Anxiety and Stress in older adults

Magtein has also been studied for its effect on managing everyday stress. Complaints of everyday stress causing disruption to daily living, mood, tension and mental agitation were evaluated. Self-reported stress was significantly reduced by 167% vs baseline in 6 weeks of Magtein supplementation.