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Meet the Scientist

Dr. Liu received his Ph.D. in Physiological Sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1990. He completed post-doctoral scientific training at Stanford University and held faculty positions at the Picower Institute of Learning and Memory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University. He is a world-renowned expert in synaptic physiology, learning, memory, and emotional control.

Clinical research shows that Magtein supports memory, attention, and emotional wellness. 

Think Calm

Improves Attention & Mood*
Research suggests Magtein may support coping abilities to stressful events and support emotional responses to fear and anxiety.*

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Think Strong

Improves Cognitive Ability*
Magtein demonstrated significant improvements in four major domains of the brain.* It was shown to reduce the affects of the aging brain by nine years.*

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Think Sharp

Improves Learning & Memory*
Magtein has been shown to significantly increase magnesium concentrations in the brain, improving learning capacity, short- and long-term memory, working memory and synaptic connections in individuals of all ages.*

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Think Effective

Crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier*
Magtein is the only magnesium shown to enter the brain effectively when compared to other sources of magnesium as demonstrated by higher absorption and higher retention.*

More About Magtein Research

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