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Magnesium for the Brain

Magnesium is an essential cofactor for more than 300 enzymes involved in biosynthesis processes and energy metabolism. It plays an important role in many of the brain's functions. Only recently, a unique compound called MagteinTM was discovered by a group of scientists from MIT, including a Nobel Prize laureate.

Magnesium has been implicated in many of the brain functions. However, most magnesium compounds have low brain bioavailability and severe gastrointestinal side effects. MagteinTM is the only magnesium compound that has been shown to effectively raise the brain's magnesium levels, which leads to enhanced learning abilities, improved working memory, and better short- and long-term memory in both young and aged animals. 

Proven Product

MagteinTM currently has several published studies in highly regarded journals reporting its mechanism of action and benefits to cognitive function. In addition, consumers of MagteinTM report good results and ones that make a difference. Magtein products are widely available from several branded manufacturers on the Internet, in natural food stores and national health retailers. MagteinTM has enjoyed a robust following among the health media, bloggers and industry advocates. 

Quick Facts

US consumers aged 65 years or older will double in the next 25 years.

Approximately 50 percent of the U.S. population is deficient in magnesium.

The RDA for magnesium is 350-400 milligrams per day.

Magnesium can be found in leafy greens, healthy grains and beans.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



Magtein TestimonialsForty year old female: "Magnesium L-threonate is the most unique form of magnesium. You must read the studies performed on this type of magnesium to appreciate its capabilities."

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