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About Magtein

Magnesium is an essential cofactor for the more than 300 enzymes involved in biosynthesis processes and energy metabolism. It is very important for the proper functions of all tissues and organs, especially in our brain. We know that magnesium helps with sleep, stress release and mood management. It plays an important role in many of the brain’s functions. The role of magnesium in memory and cognitive function has long been suggested, but not proven. Only recently, a unique compound called Magtein™ was discovered by a group of scientists from MIT including a Nobel Prize laureate.

Magtein has high brain bioavailability. It is the only magnesium compound that has been shown to effectively raise the brain’s magnesium levels, which leads to improved memory and cognitive functions. Most magnesium compounds are not able to raise the brain’s magnesium level effectively to observe a change in the brain’s function.

interviewIn this segment, Dr. Gu will describe Magtein and its primary benefits. She will also explain how it is different than other Magnesium forms.

Magtein is a breakthrough super-mineral with strong evidence supporting cognitive functions and brain health. Magtein, has demonstrated promising results in animal studies to improve memory, recognition and learning. In addition, Magtein may be able to assist in energy, relaxation, and sleep. This super-mineral delivers multiple benefits due to its ability to easily cross the blood brain barrier and increase brain synapses.

Magtein is suitable for both the nutraceutical market and the food/beverage channel. It has a clean taste, is odorless, highly soluble and is safe. This patent pending ingredient is self-affirmed GRAS, and available exclusively through AIDP.

“Most of the brain products on the market target at over- stimulating the brains. Magtein works via a completely different mechanism. It helps brain cells to stay healthy, without being over activated, which makes them respond to signals with clarity and robustness. It is a superior brain product for both short term and long term brain health.”

—Dr. Jennifer Gu
Director R&D

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magtein?

Magtein is Magnesium I-Threonate, a new form of magnesium.

What does Magtein do?

Magtein can help memory and cognitive functions. Cognitive functions include for areas: 1) attention, 2) memory, 3) executive decision, and 4) visual and spatial recognition.

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